Music Reviews

Artist: Dolmen (@)
Title: Incantations Verse Two
Format: CD
Label: Skean Dhu
Rated: *****
According to the website, Incantations Verse 1 & 2 were composed and intended to be listened to back to back. You can get a bit more on the band and such in the review for Incantations Verse 1. They describe the album thus: "Incantations push the boundaries of dark ambient music while encompassing the dense textures of the shoegaze, the power of post-rock and the rhythmic procession of authentic tribal music." The first Incantations disc would have been right at home on a label like Cyclic Law, where this one would be right at home on Projekt records back in the day. The closest comparison that I can give would be a less dark version of Lycia. This album throws down wonderful soundscapes that bring in bits of percussion and noise that simmer just below the surface of lush drones. If you like drone music, this is definitely one to pick up. I enjoyed Incantations Verse 1, but Verse 2 will be the one logging much more time in my CD player. Recommended. This disc weighs in at around 55 minutes.

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