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Title: Milkshake The Remix Album
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Basserk (@)
Rated: *****
As stated by the title this digital release hasn't new MilkMoneyMaffia songs in it. If you checked the MilkMoneyMaffia's debut "Musik" (always available on Basserk as digital release) you already know his the particular vocal style (a filtered voice formed by high and low pitch variations) and the energetic danceable tunes he proposed. Well, this time we have three of those ones remixed. Ricky y Rulo open the release with a great version of "Caramel" (the "Lollipop remix") where the original vocals are now mixed with a bouncing bass guitar and a dreamy synth atmosphere just to be turned into a sexy '70s style tune. Kid Goesting opted for a distorted electro acid version of the same track. With Boemklatsch, we have a different version of "The peanut butter". This time the track has turned into a sort of acid dub where bleeps and syncopated drums hypnotize the audience. Next we have two versions of "Stinky stanky" re-worked by DJ Donna Summer and 3-1. The first one is a mix of different genres it goes from the break beat to the acid techno while the second one turns the song into a dilated electro distorted track. If Ricky y Rulo created a new atmosphere composing almost a new track the other four acts opted for the "let's make a party" approach but in this case the original tunes where already good at it. Nice release but if you don't know the original songs check those ones first.

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