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Artist: Nuclear Combination
Title: Virus
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Morphic Field Resonance
Rated: *****
This is a relatively new release by the German Morphic Field Recordings organization, which is an Experimental-minded net-label and forum lead by the participating bands (among others AGGRESSIONLEVEL 4.0, LETZTE AUSFAHRT LEBEN or NARCOTICA-RUS). So also this very first release of NUCLEAR COMBINATION is free to download, released and licensed under the Creative Commons agreement. The project itself is rather a collaborative effort, since it consts of members of projects like LETZTE AUSFAHRT LEBEN, E.I.D., and TOURETTE/NERVENLAEHMUNG. The protagonists behind this project, Nina (LAL), Andre (E.I.D.) and Markus (NERNENLÄHMUNG) have joined their forces together, to produce a mostly beat-oriented Powernoise-album featuring – surprise, surprise – the female vocals of Nina. But even if this fact sounds promising, be assured that the people behind this project don’t have an interest to present a heart-felting and beautiful performance, as the female lead vocals are raw and for the most part infected with lousy lo-fi effect manipulations. Musically these 12 tracks show some talent into the Noise genre, names like FORMALIN or ARZT + PFUSCH mixed together come to mind, while they leave higher musically surprises out. A favorite is the rather dark-instead-of-noisy track "Prophecy", which offers a wider musically spectrum. As for floor-compatibility, the rhythmical Noise-tracks like "Seelenarbeiter" and/or "False Prophets" should be able to feed the addicts. Also conspicuous is their use of German, English and Russian (!) lyrics, often also changing in between a track, that’s quite a rarity. Production-wise and especially regarding the end mix this album could need some polishing or it should be given in some approved hands to add a bit more dynamic. Nevertheless this one comes out quite satisfying for a debut, which got rewarded with a high number of downloads from their label website above.

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