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Artist: Hystakmine (@)
Title: Hedonistic
Format: CD
Label: Hellektro Holocaust Records (@)
Rated: *****
Another new release by the Hungarian label Hellektro Holocaust Records brings us the debut of a new Portugal-based three-men outfit. HYSTAKMINE got formed with prominent band members, since this project consists of Walter of IN[PERFECTION] (currently in the final stages to release an official debut album – more about this talented Portuguese music project soon in this heading...) and Hypecrash and Chainheart of EDEN SYNTHETIC CORPS (ESC – check our interview and reviews about them on here...). So here aren’t bloody greenhorns at work and this can be easily recognized, since the arrangements of HYSTAKMINE follow a higher technically standard compared with the label mate of SYNDROME X/209. "Hedonistic" shall feed the inner need of your usual Hellectro-consuming-experience and this works for the most part. "Thrill" or "Allergy" set fire under the feet of the dancefloor-junkie, while the highlights of this album can be rather found in the musically more thrilling tracks like "Winter’s Pulse" or "Lust", which impresses with a muscled bass-line programming. The overall good impression, which this album leaves, gets altered through the unnecessary integration of at least 5 pure instrumental tracks, which lack of originality or they are that uninspired arranged, that they can’t attract attention at all. Also the speedy "I Am The Reaper" feeds too obviously the often discovered cliche this genre seem to be trapped into. A must-have release for all the Harsh Electro enthusiasts – I agree on this with the label info – but it remains the question, why especially the both gentlemen of ESC felt the need, to come out with a side-project in a pretty much comparable music style...

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