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Artist: Syndrome X/209
Title: Feline Daemon
Format: CD
Label: Hellektro Holocaust Records (@)
Rated: *****
According to the chosen name of this newcomer label, it’s no longer a riddle, which musically content will be presented with this as well as with all future releases. We’re welcoming Hellektro Holocaust Records out of Hungary to the international scene and wish them good luck, to invade the dancefloors of the worldwide dark clubs by storm. Hellectro/Harsh EBM is still a promising formula for success in this rather niche-like music genre, although it endlessly repetitions start to rumble in my stomach. It fits, that also SYNDROME X/209 out of Stockholm, Sweden, are completely new to the scene. Consisting of Kettil Sundberg, this music project offers the first steps on a pressed silver circle with a globally satisfying result, if you’re a genre addict. Hate towards to a person out of his personal life has been a quell of inspiration – so the description in the attached label info sheet. Well – nothing else? Jazz and Grindcore have been his previous musically playing fields, but he got fed up with those and has concentrated more to produce Techno, which turned more and more into that Hellectro/Harsh EBM environment. Kettil knows how to punish his machinery to produced the expected bass lines and lead synths – but as expected – his arrangements are still too foreseeable and the used sounds still lack of an own signature. No problem at all since the normal user stomps to everything presented and Kettil isn’t an exception. However, he hits at best the target with some rather dark-minded and ominous sounding tunes like the title track or "Blad", while those speedy contributions like "Rage" rather leave question marks in the faces of the listener. But best track – and this one really needs to be pointed and named out – is the last slow, with orchestral-sounding arrangements constructed track "It’s All Over". This track stands for the biggest discovery: He is able to produce real music! Let’s hope, he continues to develop with a possible next album and allows more different sounding tracks to strengthen his expected outfit.

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