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Aug 06 2009
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Artist: MAGAS (@)
Title: Violent Arp
Format: 12"
Label: Punch Records (@)
Rated: *****
Presented into a special fold cut cover and limited to 333 copies on transparent red vinyl (containing also a coupon to download it as high quality mp3s), VIOLENT ARP is the latest Magas release. The last time I listened to his stuff was when he was on the now deceased Ersatz Audio label as I wasn't aware that in 2006 he had an album out. Anyway, this new MLP contains six tracks (five new and a cover of Couch's "Devil is flying", band where Jim Magas sung) composed using the Arp Odissey 2800 Mk I with the add of an old drum machine (it sounds like a Roland TR606). The six tracks are based on distorted synth melodies with an urge to make the speakers bleed. These sounds coupled with Magas voice create a sort of primitive electronic punk that will shake your guts. Even if few sounds are used, melody has a privileged place where dissonance and pop intuitions help making VIOLENT ARP a good lo-fi electronic record. Let yourself be convinced by the r'n'r ride of "Statue" or by the dark distortions of "Life's lonely grind". Punch Records with this release is confirming itself as one of the few Italian quality label: good ideas, great packaging and will to refreshen the alternative musical scene. You can check three tracks at the label's website.

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