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Artist: Massiv In Mensch (@)
Title: Meanwhile Back In The Jungle
Format: CD
Label: Caustic Records (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Rated: *****
Already out since a few months, I’m quite late to put my critical finger on this edition. At first I have to praise the initiative of the Canadian home-label of this North-German act, Artoffact, to watch out for foreign help to offer the band the best possible support, promotion and distribution. Artoffact have decided to give out a license agreement for MASSIV IN MENSCH and in this case, the rather small Spanish label Caustic Record got chosen to take care on the European marketing of this new studio album for this international renowned music project.
Caustic-Records is engaged, works hard and puts all of their possible efforts into the promotion of this album – let’s hope that the incoming sales prove right this initiative. After their boxer-storyboard "Clubber Lang" released in 2007, "Meanwhile Back In The Jungle" offers the latest compositions of this trio in their known dancefloor-compatible style - of course also including their approved "cheek-in-mouth"-like lyrics. We surely can’t report of drastically changes regarding the musically formula presented by MIM, a refining and a further development can be rather noticed in subtle dimensions – but why changing a nearly unbelievable story of success before this cow stops to give milk? Musically, "Meanwhile Back In The Jungle" consists of rather known efforts by this band. MIM still produce danceable – as they like to call it – Dark Rave tunes, which draw inspiration by genres like Futurepop and the recent state-of-art sound-design of EBM – generally not that spectacular that you would be impressed by their programming kind. MIM rather impress with their directly and humorous kind to include their cheek-in-mouth lyrical efforts, just check the German "Elitär" featuring an additional performance by the female band-member Anna-Maria Straatmann. Their last years’ smasher "Supermassive Gravity" which is a collaboration with Austria’s MIND.IN.A.BOX, got included too and will stand in the first line of appreciation asides the new tunes "Ikonoklast!", "Never Trust The Outline" or that delicious and slippery "Pink Dream". No stuff to get astonished by their programming abilities, but also no stuff to search for the one and only hair in the soup – MASSIV IN MENSCH offer their approved compositions, so there’s no end of the Friesian village-Electro/Industrial-project in sight!

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