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Artist: Necrotek (@)
Title: Menschenfeind
Format: CD
Label: Vendetta Music (@)
Distributor: KGD Media
Rated: *****
James Geist can be already called a veteran in the Dark Industrial scene, although "Menschenfeind" is the official debut album for his music project NECROTEK. Initially started as a side-project of James’ main project NITRIOUS FLESH, with which he’s active since years in the Dark Ambient genre. But since NECROTEK has received some more attention through some well-placed compilation appearances ("Interbreeding" and/or "Endzeit Bunkertracks") and his self-produced debut EP "Satanik", a stronger concentration on the rather Dark Electro-related efforts have been required. Good things happen to those, who are patiently enough to wait – the Denver-based label and mail-order retailer Vendetta Music brought in euphoria and showed interest to James’ dark, but quite different sounding music efforts and so the contracts got signed. "Menschenfeind" acts as a representative cross-section of his works, it includes both, the already discovered tracks like "Back To The Grave", "Wish You Dead" or "Satanik" - of course in a better produced and mixed kind - as well as several new compositions like the opener "Drugsick", "Ghosted" or the title track. As you’ve already noticed on the chosen track titles, James’ compositions draw pretty much inspiration of these of the dark sides of life. Life after death in its sickest forms and thinkable perversions seems to have some fascination on him and his music even strengthens this impression. Even if his synth and bass line arrangements remind on the EBM-related works of early SUICIDE COMMANDO or SEVERE ILLUSION, he often likes to distort his punching kick and snare work. Darkest Dark Electro featuring rhythmically Powernoise percussion works accomplished with a haunting lo-fi-effected vocal performance would be a possible description – that’s all far away of the Techno-/Trance-infected Hellectro-bullshit, which still storms well in the clubs. Different and significant sounding enough, that the music of NECROTEK can be called authentic – at least James’s efforts offer identity – that’s already more than any nameless Trancewhackedgoregalore-formation would be able to produce. "Menschenfeind" offers 10 own compositions plus 7 well-chosen additional remix contributions – and no, you won’t get any further useless AGONOIZE-/HOCICO-/COMBICHRIST-remix nonsense, but seldom discovered acts, which normally don’t got victimized to the remix-insanity. Names like the heavily underrated TERROR PUNK SYNDICATE, BRAIN LEISURE, NEON CAGE EXPERIMENTS, LAST INFLUENCE OF BRAIN, TERMINAL STATE, EXPERIMENT HAYWIRE and the label colleagues of NOIZEKATT do their best to offer quality new interpretations out of the NECROTEK efforts. The remix of BRAIN LEISURE with its nearly FLA-like sequencing work I tend to rate as a highlight, since this one could be able to open several closed doors to the clubs for James’ rather obstructing arranged tracks. As a special goody for his die-hard fans, James has decided to produce a limited second CD of this album, which features additional 3 own compositions and 6 remix contributions by among others KIFOTH, NORMOTONE, COLD DRIVE, the SEVERE ILLUSION side-project VANVARD or SYNAPTIC DEFECT – well, enough reasons for sure to ask for this special DCD edition, just contact James directly. But already the 1-CD-edition uses the full length of an album – more than 78 minutes of necrophilistic Dark Electro ready pressed, awaiting you to discover.

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