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Artist: HEAL
Title: Supernatural
Format: 12"
Label: Sound On Probation (@)
Rated: *****
After two years from the "Starting back" album the next September Laurent Perrier will release on vinyl a limited run of 300 copies of his new Heal album titled SUPERNATURAL. The eight tracks born from Laurent cut and paste and editing of recordings of eleven guest musicians. Mixing jazz/swing elements (the rhythms, the use of bass with xylophone, etc), industrial and experimental sounds the album sounds like a soundtrack to a noir cartoon movie. While side A is more based on treated classic instruments, side B is focused on electronic sounds. "Fille ordinaire", "Bright moods" and "Oslo" (great dub electonic experimental tune) are different from the five tracks of the first side but they doesn't sound strange as Laurent succeeded into keeping alive the same experimental touch with rich rhythmic layers and great sounds. This album made me remember another great album released recently: Laurent Garnier's "Tales of a Kleptomaniac". I know that Garnier's sound is more dancey but in both cases we have great tunes and a rich mix of sounds and rhythms where loops and minimal variations are used with taste.

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