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Jul 30 2009
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Artist: Mechanical Moth
Title: Rebirth
Format: CD
Label: Scanner
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
What have we got here? A guy, two female singers, electro danceable music; no, this is no reason enough to compare Mechanical Moth to Blutengel. Let me make it clear, there are no songs about vampires on the album in question. This unit from Darmstadt, Germany has been around since 2002 under a different name – Projekt Rosenhöhe (perhaps a word play on Mathildenhöhe located in their native city). Also it would be interesting to find out whether the band’s name was inspired by the short story by the writer Nikolai Leskov. His fiction story "The Left Handed" is about a highly skilled Russian craftsman in the 19th century who succeeded to produce a real-size jumping mechanical moth.
With their debut album "Fallen into You" the band found its way into DAC and enjoyed respectable positions in further charts. Now to "Rebirth"; the album stands in the tradition of the previous MM releases but not in their shadows. Some melodies are almost breath stealing and Tandrin proves his talents as a composer once more. It has to be mentioned that he does not sing much himself on this album. The opener "Dance Revolution" takes the attention of the listener hostage. "Cathedral" is a mid-tempo electro ballad with great female vocals. "Black Queen Style" is about a very specific female species. I don’t want to spoil it to you, just listen to the lyrics yourselves.
All in all there are 13 small pearls on the CD to hear. Everything sounds very professional thus you will enjoy "Rebirth" not only at the first listening. The only reason to bitch around is the relatively low number of high speed dance floor killer tracks (like "MDK"). Most of the songs are though really good and personal, but, to my opinion, not ideal for a playful party. However, entertainment value is not the only scale to measure an artist.

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