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Artist: A SPIRALE (@)
Title: agaspastik
Format: CD
Label: Fratto9 / Deserted Factory (@)
Rated: *****
Naples own A Spirale are back again after few months from the release of their electro-acoustic Gariga cd and right after and the second ASp/SEC collaboration, in case you don't know the electro-acoustic phase represent just one of their many mutations, infact with the ASp/SEC project they've been flirting with the electronic matter (which I can't but recommend you to give it a try), they started as a free-jazz rock combo but the most important thing is they've been playing a lot and from the result I guess they've been practicing and working hard to twist their former shape. I remember when on their debut cd they still had this post-prog-chamber-free-jazzy-rock touch and you already could hear they wanted more and they had the potential to cross the border. Agaspastik shows the flower is blossoming, hard to say if this' the band at its personal best, time will tell; by the way what really matters is that there's a combination of factors that make this record great. The recording is finally dynamic and vivid as a band like this requires, the tracklist and the length of the cd softens a journey that otherwise could have been heavier and probably wouldn't have helped these Neapolitans to show despite the different approaches of each fragment, there's a strong stylistic continuity, this also shows the different parts have a meaning as a whole. You pass from a quasi-Caspar Brotzmann intro to a "Naked City!?...we make them appear as a bunch of pussies" follow up, but beyond the aggressive approach you'll have the chance to find spores of melody coming from avant-jazz roots, reminiscences of fractured/avant-rock guitarism, traces of harsh and soft noise-ambient, free-jazz-rock drumming where some of you may recognize a transfigured portrait of Ruins, Painkiller, Orthlem, or latest Iceburn with less violence and with no fucking prog traces in the family background. From free-jazz-noise to avant-quasi-contemporary-post-hardcore-post-industrial shit, and the fact itself this cd comes out as a joint venture of avant-free-jazz-experimental label Fratto9 and post-industrial-experimental japanese Deserted Factory is a quite explicit reference. Brain, guts, aggressivity, control and atmosphere...A Spirale are really close to the boiling point or maybe here we have the last great eruption of Vesuvio... c'mon great mountain kill us all!!.

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