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Artist: Life In Sodom (@)
Title: Alone
Format: CD
Label: Nutrix (@)
Rated: *****
One of the most eloquent and narrative forerunners (even if we cannot say that that musical movement could not be considered so "brand new"... ) of the darkest side of the "grayest" gothic wave, Life in Sodom also known as L.I.S. officially come back with the album Alone '“ published with LIS onwed label mark, Nutrix!-, an attractive collection of new and old tracks anticipated by an EP, The New Year, including some new works by the exquisite band concocted by the vocalist Gerrie Brand far back in 1987. Its attractiveness mainly derives from its accessibility: they reduced the electronic devices' presence to the basic without stigmatizing its importance in modern composition, even if it seems they want to seal their favorite authentic sound keeping their faith to the traditional form of the dark-wave even in the matters they sing about. Feelings of solitude, deep (sometimes described as necessary or forced... ) loneliness, desperation, confusion and delusion have been drifted and sometimes ruthlessly analyzed throughout this record, which could almost be considered a sort of concept album dissecting the state of loneliness and many different shades of meaning for this particular feeling, often inspiring a lot of musicians and poets. Maybe someone could argue that such an album should have been filled with more dramatic moments and a certain pathos, but Life In Sodom decided to use a simple and uncompromised language even from the musical viewpoint., giving the idea of a subdued reflection especially when Gerrie's voice seems almost a plaiting with resigned sighs...

The profound introspection surfacing from the lyrics appears as something gentle and fragile, almost appealing to the respectful leniency of the listener even if he/she doesn't consider him/herself alone in this world!!! It's not so difficult to notice a certain narrative approach of some tracks '“ such as the introductive The lonely march (with its grave and obscure piano and a "bony" lead guitar howl... as tenebrous as Gerrie's vocal guessed interpretation... definitively not a quote of Death In June... ) and the gloomy ballad Heartache ("a desperate song/to say no more/to signal a friend/when tears must fall/to wash away/this heartache '“chorused '“"... so lyrics say... ) as well as the catchy Tied Tomowind -, epic somber episodes '“ the cloudy Faction, the touchy Dead Memories sung by the skilled Virginia Fuillerat with some eyebeams on some electro-prog foggy atmospheres, the march-like ballad Violenza, a track already appeared on Charader, the first full length by Life In Sodom '“ and rock-propelled songs (such as the darkish Angel Alone, She Cried and Young Waste, a touch of nostalgia walking on the darkest path traced by Smiths in the 80s... ). The final Alone with the atmospheric trimmings and the stunning explosions of the sounds is a good way to close a nostalgic but pleasant album.

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