Music Reviews

Artist: Monroe Golden
Title: Alabama Places
Format: CD
Label: Innova (@)
Rated: *****
Duo of Ellen Tweiten on piano and Kurt Carpenter on microtonal keyboard. As you would expect there are some glaring sonic collisions when putting the equal tempered piano together with a microtonal keyboard. Considering the mention of geographic locations it seems to me that the musicians might be trying to express the juxtaposition of past and present? The past represented by the thin microtonal keyboard, sounds reminiscent of the supposed music of dead cultures using whatever was at hand, dramatic when compared to the full sound of the regularly tuned piano. An interesting experiment but is it worthy of 16 tracks (17 if you count the mp3 bonus track)? The sound can really grate on the nerves after a while. I even had to quit listening to music for a while to get my calm back and give my irritated eardrums a rest.

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