Music Reviews

Artist: Mircan with Limbo (@)
Title: Numinosum
Format: CD
Label: UCM (@)
Distributor: CDBaby
Rated: *****
Mircan Kaya (vocals) and the jazz ensemble Limbo as accompaniment. Semi-whispered songs of love, sadness and longing played for maximum impact. Most track lead into the next without a break. After 5 tracks of semi-impressionist ethereal sounds and vocals track 6, with its jazz bar vocals totally breaks the mood, after which we return to the nature-girl sounds of buzzing insects and rain followed by the previous musical type. Enjoyable for those who like the tree-hugger message with a bit of jazzy accompaniment to appeal to the hipster/coffee bar crowd. Standout track #9 "Water and Wine" with its dark, hypnotic pagan trance-inducing beat and gong exoticism.

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