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Artist: OGOGO
Title: lunar surphase
Format: CD
Label: III Records (@)
Rated: *****
This Is my third round with Igor Ogogo's music and I'm starting to recognize the sound of his guitar/music in a split second, I think that itself means this guy has a personality as a musician. According to my personal taste this' the best of the lot of releases he's sent me, it's the most heterogeneous, the melodies and the song structures are crazy but really catchy and somehow I find the songs have become really expressive. Expressivity is a focal point in the economy of the release, infact he hasn't left his bizarre taste back home but the narrative plot in most of the tracks is easier to be followed despite the several tempo changes. I've probably mentioned before the eighties-experimental-music aftertaste of Ogogo and the fact he reminded me some materials of Elliott Sharp's Carbon Orchestra but as I've already said this' not a copycat of some old Sharp's recording. On this recording Igor's guitars have been enriched by some guest appearences of Rod Oakes on trombone and Andrei Solovyov on trumpet and flute, with intruments like these I'm sure som of you may have thought to some weird jazz musician, but I hear more no wave-avant jazz-contemporary classic-funk-rock elements in the soup, that brings "lunar phase" far from what you may consider jazz, the only parallel I can think of is Isotope 217. As suggested by the title the "outer space" element is quite explicit above all if you think to the fact the majority of the melodies have that stoned psychedelic feel that makes you feel there's a bad trip going on inside your head. Usually I'm not the biggest fan of analogue-synth sounds and this recording is so full of reshaped guitar, synthetic bass-lines, weird keyboard and electronic drum-lines a la 808-drum-machine, but on this recording nothing looks out of place. I think I've to add despite the strong personality of the musicians, there's something ironic in most of the songs that makes it even ore interesting. Ogogo confirms to be a weird and bizarre musician a psychiatric answer to George Clinton but, please, don't take me literally.

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