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Artist: Vision Talk (@)
Title: Dirty Italo Disco
Format: CD
Label: Space Sound Records (@)
Distributor: CDBaby
Rated: *****
This is a new side-project of both Swedish band-members of CHINESE THEATRE, Krister Petterson and Martina Ramstedt. They have added two additional members, the vocalist Richard Flow and the synth-player Stefan "Fellin" Olsson to share a mutual musically direction: VISION TALK represents the typical kind and sound outfit of the notorious Italo-Disco sound of the mid-80s, which brought act like Dan Harrow, Valerie Dore, Devine, Scotch and multiple others to unexpected success. Combined with the typical-Scandinavian-like talent to create the catchiest melodies Synthpop-music can offer, this album comes out like a time-machine to reanimate those golden days. Think additionally on bands like ALPHAVILLE, early-ERASURE, CAMOUFLAGE, BRONSKI BEAT and those alike for possible comparisons. Krister acts as the chief-programmer and some phrases he usually uses for CHINESE THEATRE can be discovered here too. The main difference are for sure the male vocals provided by Richard. Although Martina suits well for CHINESE THEATRE, she has to take a backseat at VISION TALK, Richard dominates the scenario. This music is rather dedicated to the elders of Electronica following that Italo-Disco/Spacesynth movement in the 80ies and has its highlights with the most catchy tunes like "Dina Tankar" or "Lacerta". 14 tracks to remind you that the Disco-Fox isn’t dead – true nostalgia pressed on a silver-circle to consume without hesitation!

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