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Artist: VOIDE (feat. Suzie Electric) (@)
Title: Love
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: self-released
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
It’s seldom that a reviewer nowadays receives a real Single-CD with 3 tracks and moreover, that bands are seriously producing CD’s in this limited dimension. But this fits perfectly to the release catalogue of the Swedish Electronica-specialist VOIDE a.k.a. David Almgren. Combining the tradition with the newest media resources available to publish and present his music, has always been the main direction for VOIDE - and somehow this counts also for his music. It is an Electronica/IDM-related outfit, which balances between the elements of EBM and Trance/Techno-influences. Sound-wise at the state-of-art, David integrates additionally a strong Pop/Wave-influence out of the good old 80ies and his sounds out of his beloved CZ-synthesizer family – you see, this stands rather more for the tradition. He also cant hide his dedication to the German pioneers KRAFTWERK by using comparable and vocoderized voice/vocal effects. But for "Love" the things differ. First off it needs to be mentioned, that "Love" isn’t at all a new composition of David – it sounds too much similar to David’s 2007 classic "Space Sponge", available on the same titled Voide debut album released in 2007. For this track, available in 3 different versions, he could hire Germany’s female artist Suzi Electric to provide the vocals. So you’ll get a version with lyrics in English and one featuring German lyrics. The third version is a mixture out of both languages, but it provides nearly 8 minutes of music. It seems a bit, that David felt the need to produce a real Extendet version of this sweet Synthpop-tune. A good collaborative idea and enough potential to become a favorite for every Synthpop-fan, but at least only a tiny shining light at the end of a tunnel, which is only a glimpse of the huge talent, which David has to offer.

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