Music Reviews

Dec 18 2002
Title: WORLD
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis Records
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Reading the flyer for the concert of their’s I just missed, it states "crazy new Croc Shop sound evolving on you, now go go go!". I couldn’t agree more, because their new mix of old and new is infectious as all hell! They basically took their old guilds of simplistic MIDI sounds, driving percussion and raw energy, and twisted it up with a bit of synthpop and a little techno, making it very unique indeed. The title track plinks in gently with a poppy interlude and out come the anthemic lyrics and pop flow, showing off their new style with delicate ease. "Generation" is where the smooth flow really starts and I hit the rewind button more than a few times on this one. The bassline comes out very funky, with the newfound synths layering it off. And also I notice too the singing is a lot more soulful, with Mick trying more diverse elements and coming out of his shell. My other favorite track on here is "Destroy" the most soulful and bouncy track on this whole CD, discussing the consequences of hatred (as they were talking about in the interview with us at the end). Every track on here is pure energy, something I have known the band for for years now, and the formula has only gotten more daring and bold. And have to love the anime artwork, which is another bold retreat for the group from their usual art. Let the new Croc Shop sound evolve on you! Rating: 10. This I now officially proclaim to be Album of The Year.

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