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Title: Autraumaton
Format: CD
Label: Synthetic Sounds (@)
Rated: *****
The Rabid Whole are coming from Regina/Saskatchewan/Canada and their first album AUTRAUMATON has been released by the Canadian label Synthetic Sounds. The ten tracks of the album offer a good mix between genres which could interest a wide audience. Rock (Andreas Weiss vocals remember me Sound Garden as well as some of his guitar chords), industrial e.b.m. (check their way of using sampled rhythms and blasting drum sounds just like Front Line Assembly did) and electronic (they often use pumping synth bass lines just like on the catchy "Harder to be true" or on the following "Selfish nature") are used to pack a convincing mix of melodic riff based industrial electronic music. Sometimes vocals are too rock sounding but the whole result works well and the songs sound granitic and melodic at the same time. Production is cured and functional. Just check some tracks at their myspace page

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