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Artist: Dope Stars Inc.
Title: Criminal Intents/Morning Star
Format: CD EP
Label: Trisol/Metropolis
Rated: *****
The Roman cyber rockers Dope Stars Inc. are in the final stages of preparing their third full-scale cyber attack (to be unleashed via Trisol). As a trial of strength a double feature EP Criminal Intents/Morning Star is due to be released in April. The EP features four absolutely new songs, two of which will be on the forthcoming album, furthermore one cover version of Clan of Xymox’ classic "Jasmin and Rose", a cover version of "Can You Imagine" by Spiritual Front, a demo version of "Vyperpunk" and numerous remixes of older DSI songs by such renowned artist as Mortiis, Gothminister,KMDFM and others. The EP was produced by Victor Love at Subsound Studio. Fifteen tracks altogether is a rather unusually high number of songs for an EP. A value for buyers’ money.
The new material is just what the fans expect from the dopies; it’s cyber rock/metal/punk as we know it from band’s previous releases. Quick, ass-kicking and energetic. From the line-up that recorded Neuromance only Victor and Darin have remained on board.
A choice of a title to cover occurred rather unexpected to me; Clan of Xymox is not a band one would normally expect DSI to cover, especially since they played Motorhead’s "Ace of Spades" on their concerts. I can only say that the cover turned out really well. It is quicker than the original and sounds more up to date. A better choice than a screamo-like version of "Ace of Spades" would have been.
Mortiis had already a shot with remixing DSI for the Neuromance bonus CD. The Norwegian hotty elf did a good job again remixing "Braindamage" this time. As it was to anticipate the most original version was a cover of "Can You Imagine" DSI’s country fellow men Spiritual Front. They re-recorded this emotional song providing it with a sort of 1920s French atmosphere. An accordion is not really an instrument you would associate with DSI, would you? Gothminister added some choir parts among other to "Can You Imagine" making it sound more sinister and dramatic, just in his vain.
In the end it can only be added that the EP makes you keen to hear more of the band’s new album which is planned to hit the streets this summer.

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