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Artist: Nebulo
Title: Avutma
Format: CD
Label: Hymen Records (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
That’s a big scorer point for Hymen: every release they bring out surprises in one or another way, nothing seems to be foreseeable. This also counts for the French act NEBULO, the music-project of Thomas P. Musically this "Avutma" album offers a sci-fi sound-trip into a very own cold and foggy world. Pianos and organs got several times fx-manipulated to build a musically ground construct. Synth layers and subtle modified beats accomplishing this surreal scenario, which can described as a mixture of Ambient, IDM and Clicks’n’Cuts. The Ambient influence is surely the most recognizable ingredient, since this album doesn’t offer too much hectic and the possibility of a rhythmically movement. Some crunchy beatings here and there invade the walls of sounds to fill in at least some linearity. At times this complete sound scenario leads into a climax of surrealism and a real psycho-hypnotic impression. Not that easy to follow track by track, this "Avutma" album seems to be designed to satisfy the die-hard Ambient-Electronica freaks only. To me this album is a bit too personal-minded and it could need some more light extracted out of a more mass-compatible sound construct – but that’s only a personal impression. Not bad at all, but maybe this work requires too much spins from the listener until completely satisfaction joins in?

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