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Artist: T_ERROR 404 (@)
Title: Million Thoughts
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: X-Line (@)
Rated: *****
X-Line can be surely named as being one of the best known net-labels hailing out of Russia. It is the legitimate follow-up label to NBK-Records, but with respect on the current hard times, they release their stuff as digital downloads for free under the Common Creative License. The label X-Line is part of the Alter-X Promotion Project, which at least consists of three different labels. X-Line itself stands for a crossover between EBM/IDM, while Absetzer provide rhythmic Powernoise and the third Space-Time Continuum takes care on various forms of Ambient music. T_ERROR 404 is surely one of these promising and still need-to-discover-them related acts and they stand luckily for a hard Electro/EBM sound, which doesn’t remind on a daily doze of repetitive Hellectro-mutations. "Million Thoughts" presents a wide-ranging style between classic Dark Electro music ("Million Thoughts", "Solaris") to powerful rhythmical Noise-like tune ("One On One", "Sky Surfer"). This musically diversity for sure helps T_ERROR 404 to earn respect for their work, although they not reinvent the wheel. Also good to hear that they still prefer a subtle form of audio compression, instead to a volume make-up for breaking the highest peaks. EBM/Industrial can still be an aesthetic form of experimental-oriented music, and this talented Russian act proves this well. An act to follow without doubts and I hope for a better and international recognition for them. Also good to see and know, that this act has conceptual releases in stock, which seem to fit with the musically outfits of the above mentioned three labels. As I said before, this album is available for free in both formats MP3 and lossless FLAC directly from the X-Line website.

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