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Artist: WANG INC
Title: Meditations For A Better World Vol.2
Format: 12"
Label: Persitencebit
Distributor: Discomania
Rated: *****
Personal project of an Italian guy called Bartolomeo Sailer, Wang Inc is his outfit for exploring sound and rhythms. Often he uses concrete sounds on his tracks which sometimes sounds like soundtracks to psychic travels. His newest 12" EP is released on the Italian Persitencebit and it is titled MEDITATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD VOL.2 (the first volume has been released by the same label two years ago). The first of the five tracks of the EP is the one I liked the most and it is titled "You are late": on this one Batolomeo created a thik web of bleeps and rhythms that are well sustained by a bouncing funky bass line. "Hyperactive dog" is a nice techno dilated track based on rhythm a driving bass line and effected sounds that create a good space effect. "Mind the gap" is the first track of the B side and is a techno obsessive track with a bit of acid. "Lake Michigan" creates an alienating mix of dance rhythms and ambient sounds that is almost experimental. The closing track, "This is the song to say goodbye", is an obsessive mix of techno, house and it couples a blues vocal sample saying the title with many rhythmical layer often reverbered. Exept the first track this EP is really club oriented, so you are warned...

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