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Artist: The Pussybats
Title: Famous Last Songs
Format: CD
Label: Black Rain Rec.
Some bands are just like their band’s name while the others are not. Mötley Crew was certainly a colorful bunch, whereas there were no clerics in Judas Priest. The Pussybats belong to the second type; there are no pussies in the quartet from Stuttgart.
When I heard their song "Dance with the Devils" for the first time two years ago I thought: "not bad for the start, but hopefully they will turn into more than merely a German The 69 Eyes clone". And voilà; my wish was fulfilled. The Pussybats play a genuinely great Gothic Rock capable to sweep even mopey goths away.
If one’s heart was not amputated some lyrics will bring up memories and perhaps even traumas of the romantic sort to the listeners mind. This is the advantage of Rock over EBM. April and Most Beautiful Tales End Sadly are good examples of that. In No Romeo the lyric persona inquires why he is so utterly unromantic. Unfortunately no potential answers are suggested in the song. Well, I guess that is the way some dudes just are.
The title "Crimson Girl" even rhymes with "Poison Girl" by Her Inferential Majesty. Well, both songs are about a girl and the lyric personas do not tell of positive experiences in both cases. Nowadays it seems to be an absolute must to have a cover version on the debut album. Famous Last Songs is no exception. The Pussybats (or chiropterae vaginae in Latin) pimped Your Woman by White Town and provided it with some considerable rocker attitude. It is rather cool when a definitely masculine voice goes like: "I should never be your woman". Such ambiguities are usually welcomed by the gothic audience. Strangely enough Sean Brennan (London after Midnight) changed the lyrics of Sally’s Song into the masculine genus in spite of his "overloaded with testosterone" image.
One of the very few negative things to mention about the album is the refrain of Banshee’s Blues; it may start getting on your nerves after you listen to it for a couple of times.
The CD was produced by Chai Deveraux (Jesus on Extasy) and Hahn & Hahn, who worked with Nena and Kim Wilde in the past. It sounds like Chai is to hold responsible for the spoken vocals on Your Woman; it sounds very much like the ones on Assassinate me (from JOE debut album). The compositions are rather simplistic but still the ballads reach the listener and the high-tempo songs will give you a kick. Sid van Sin’s baritone is in fact comparable with the voices of Rob Vitacca (Lacrimas Profundere) and Jyrki (The 69 Eyes) but not mistakable for them. You can certainly assume that Famous Last Songs is an album title of an ironic nature and we are going to get to hear a lot from The Pussybats in the future.

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