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Artist: CRUISE [CTRL] (@)
Title: We've Met Before, Haven't We?
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
WE'VE MET BEFORE, HAVEN'T WE? is a self produced CDr which functions as an appetizer of the forthcoming Cruise [Ctrl] second CD on Divine Comedy Records titled "How's Annie?". The three tracks continue their tradition of 120bpm tracks where analog electronics coupled to treated guitars create obsessive atmospheres. The opening "Henry's head" sounds a bit static but its aim isn't the one to create a melodic tune, it rather to be focused on alternation of tension. The second track "The bunny room" leave the drum machine and the distortion to offer a soft guitar sound coupled to a sidereal sound that crawls slowly between the sounds created by the picked strings. "Where is alice? Alice who?" is a mid tempo track that sounds like a industrial e.b.m. 80's track where drum machine and sequencer play the main part while industrial distortions create the mood. Unfortunately I hadn't the chance to check their first official album so I can't confront that one with this but as far as I can hear, Cruise [Ctrl] kept their ability to create tension also keeping the sound under control.

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