Music Reviews

Artist: Zero Degree
Title: The Inner Realm
Format: CD
Label: audiophob (@)
Rated: *****
As usual, I had not heard of this band, but the label’s bio states that this is a side project of nihil, who also records under the name Painslut. According to the press release that came with the disc, "The Inner Realm’ offers tight electronic sounds between dark ambient worlds and noisy technoid rhythms." OK, guilty as charged. The usual comparisons (Squaremeter, etc.) apply. This is a good mixture of atmosphere and driving beats, but unlike some similar bands (Sonar, Imminent Starvation) the beats do not become overpowering. Luminary is one of the standout tracks for me, with an interesting beat and a lot of atmosphere that gives the track depth. Overall, this is a pleasant listen but isn’t terribly demanding of the listener – think of it as easy listening for the Ant-Zen set. If you want a starting point for someone who has never considered this kind of music, this is a good place to start. This disc weighs in at 70 minutes.

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