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Artist: Körperwelten (@)
Title: Avatars of Rape and Rage
Format: CD
Label: Malignant Records (@)
Rated: *****
The first thing that you are confronted with on this disc is the artwork by Jonathan Canady. I am not really a fan of the artwork, and if you have seen any of his Deathpile releases, you may have some idea of what you are in for. But then again, many may think that this is the best part of the packaging. Needless to say, don’t leave this disc on the coffee table when you have your parents over. This disc is a collaboration between Nordvargr and Navicon Torture Technologies that took place from 2002-2008. According to their website, they took their name from the original German title of Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds exhibition of human cadavers. Considering the artists involved, this disc is significantly more subdued than I expected, especially considering the title and the track names. Pulsing, buzzing oppressive soundscapes and vocals that lie just beneath the surface dominate this album. It’s not quite noise, but not really dark ambient; rather, it appropriates the best elements of both. The sound keeps shifting ever so slightly to build tension and keep it interesting. Occasionally, there will be some semblance of beats and noise blasts to wake you up as the buzzing lulls you. This disc is considerably more engaging than the material that I have heard from either of these artists on their own – a rare example of synergy in collaboration where the sum of its parts is far greater than the components themselves. The album weighs in at about 39 minutes.

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