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Artist: VV.AA
Title: What's Next 2
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Eevo Next (@)
Rated: *****

After some E.P.s from the past/back catalog of the label and after some brand new band, Eevo Next decided it was time to do a little sum of the sounds proposed. Spanning from minimal techno to particular ambient electronic, WHAT'S NEXT 2 E.P. is bringing four digital/download only tracks/bands. Estroe, The Moderator, Terrace and Avigail are the projexts involved. Estroe's "Anybody" is a nice minimal techno tune where rhythms/sounds alternation create a varied pumping scenario which little by little become a little ambient thanks to synth pads and tiny melodies. Avigail's "Slipping" is the most particular track of the lot (I reviewed her E.P. months ago) and under a core of dub bass lines there's a little soundtrack full of strings, melody and passion with some i.d.m. rhythmical solutions here and there: it's like a particular mix of Cocteau Twins and ambient electronic. With Terrace, Stefan Robbers (the man behind REC, Con Man, Florence and Sierra Romeo), bring us "Lidl chronicle", a track suspended between techno, ambient and electro. The Moderator with "Bump!" closes the short compilation with a techno tune that mixes anxious melodic lines, ambient pads and bumping bass lines. Nice compilation but I'd have preferred a couple of track for each one, just to get the right mood from each artist.

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