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Artist: SENSOR
Title: Naked
Format: CD
Label: Intuition Records
Rated: *****
Born in Russia in 2005 thanks to an idea of Ilya Pavlov (vocal, keyboards), Andrey Smayev (drums, programming ), Dmitriy Kozlov (guitar, synthesizers, back-vocal) and followed soon by Alexey Bogatkov (bass guitar), Sensor is the first pop release for Intuition Records. Gathering the best mood of the 80's music, the band is promoted as a mix of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and U2. Well, listening to NAKED I might hazard that they are more than that. More than a copy of the best mood of a decade. Ilya Pavlov is able to make you remember Inxs, The Sound, Echo & The Bunnymen (like on the opening "Naked") and Frankie Goes To Hollywood but playing their tunes with an energy that the original bands didn't have. The modern synth arrangements help a lot into refreshing the sound and will make you understand that the band only wanted to use the best melodic ideas to pack a debut album that will astonish every lover of those sounds. On the short "All I get is..." the band is able to change mood and to write a song that will make you remember the smooth sounds of This Mortal Coil just to push the gas pedal on the following "Static" where a funky bass introduce a strong energetic tune. Good record indeed!

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