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Title: The Quiet
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis Records (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe

Based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, Bella Morte has been formed by Andy Deane and Gopal Metro in 1996, the band released a cassette demo entitled "Remorse", and they win the 1997 Virginia Battle of the Bands. Soon after they released their first full length album, "Remains", adding new material to the demo. In 1999, with guitarist Frizzle the band released their second full-length "Where Shadows Lie". Originally released on the independent label Some Wear Leather the album was picked up by Cleopatra Records for release in 2000, allowing the band time to record two bonus tracks featuring new guitarist Bn Whitlow. After a tour with Cruxshadows and a mini album (printed as 300 vinyl copies and which went out of print in an istant) Bella Morte teamed up with producer Kevin McNoldy and completed the recording of this new album: THE QUIET. Featuring tracks written over the past three years, with contributions by Bn Whitlow and new guitarist Tony Lechmanski the band continued developing their style merging influences of goth, electro pop and punk (like "Living Dead" or "Christina) which reminds me the later Misfits). At a first listening I was really impressed by the personal band's style and even if I think that the vocals are their weak point, tracks like "Regret", "Whispers", "First Light" or "Christina" are immediate and powerful. Maybe goth or electro purists will despise them but even if they don't fulfill my tastes they are a band to follow.

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