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Artist: Lucidstatic
Title: Gravedigger
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Rated: *****
In my years of listening of music, I’ve come across two albums that make you feel like you’re being beaten up with barrage of drums. These two albums are Alec Empire’s "The Destroyer", and Lucidstatic’s latest offering, the aptly titled "Gravedigger." This is an album that has a lot going on, such as fast complex jungle beats, clanking metal sounds, and aggressive noise patterns and samples. The album’s lead off track "Blackout" sets the pace for the entire collection with its brutally intense arrhythmic drum pattern that’s broken up with bits of noise and a sample of a guy saying "No your fucked!," which under most circumstances would be cheesy as hell. However, for Lucidstatic’s purpose, it acts as a warning, giving the listener a premonition of things to come, which is an extremely aggressive and unrelenting album. From start to finish "Gravedigger" is a mind blowing amalgam of breakcore, IDM, and industrial power that unmercifully destroys everything in its path. Furthermore, while most albums of this nature get boring after about the third track because every song sounds exactly the same, "Gravedigger" maintains your attention and keeps you listening in anticipation for what’s going to be thrown at you next. If you like hard power electronics, then you MUST purchase this album immediately. Indeed, this album is great for getting out some pent up aggression.

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