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Title: In Hoc Signo Vinces
Format: CD
Label: The Eastern Front (@)
Rated: *****
Musical project of a young guy coming from Israel, Kreuzer's debut album IN HOC SIGNO VINCES, has been released by The Eastern Front. Limited to 300 copies two panels folded cardboard packing, the album differs a lot from the MCD "Noises Of Independence" released on the Eastern Front sublabel T'an! Kaven!! Ash!!! Taking as inspiration medieval atmospheres and Crusaders' battles the album is a pleasant surprise. Despite the over exploited theme (the good thing is that here the tracks sequence follows a theme like it was a concept album), IN HOC SIGNO VINCES succeed into creating an interesting atmosphere made of 8-bit distorted rhythms, treated vocals, synth ambient sounds, martial atmospheres and basic melodies. Being minimal but with a strong personality, tracks like "Our Sights Are Set At The Holy Land" or "New Christian Empire" create mysterious scenarios with hypnotic effects. Kreuzer don't exceed with drums or industrial sounds and this well balanced mix help into the creation of a very good full length debut. On his myspace you can check some tracks.

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