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Artist: LOSOUL
Title: Care
Format: CD
Label: Playhouse
Rated: *****
Active since 1996, Losoul is the creature of Peter Kremeier. Is newest album will be released on April for Playhouse, a sub-label of the Ongaku family. The ten tracks of the album show very well Peter's ability into creating rich soundscapes made of minimal techno/house rhythms and sounds. The album open with three great minimal techno tunes "Slightly" (this one contains jazzy samples and fragmented sounds used to enrich the rhythm structure are its main attraction), "The crush" (this one sounds like a creepy suspended minimal techno one where on the final part syth pads sounds duet with a great violin synth. This one will convince you for the way it grows) and "Up the beach" (a nice synthetic bass line meet pumping drums and stereo wind explosions). Also "The lords of sanity" is a nice one with a convincing tiny melodic final part. "Vacuum stance" is a nice track good for NY dark neighbors. With "Sunlite" the atmosphere changes and house music starts to influence deeply this tune and the following "Gridlock". "Deuce" leave house for a particular minimal atmosphere where house rhythms are coupled to an obsessive looped bass line and reversed synth sounds. House and techno are mixed on "To last" but there's always a dark atmosphere crawling. "Btw" is a 30" joke where a voice tells "oops, I forgot to say a metaphore... sucker!"

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