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Artist: House Made of Dawn
Title: House of Dawn
Format: CD
Rated: *****
House Made of Dawn is a band that hails from Los Angeles California. It is a Indeadstrial Gothic Metal band that has a unique sound. We open to track 1, " Burn the House Down" which is a heavy indeadstrial horror track with beautiful words of wisdom that practically speaks in tongues, for example, " Inert I'll float in stagnant pools like Old King Log."They sing to us, " Come, tear it down! " This track is sure to burn the danse floors right through. We move to track 3, " Blacksburg " which is a cool song that throws punches and has some bite. Next is track 4, " Vice Principal " which is hard and witty in it's own right. They sing, " Safe in the shadows I can wield a power, unforseen and safe in the shadows, I will walk away and disappear." Haunting, melodic and driven. We move onto track 6, " Lost", which is a cool beautiful backing female vocals complimenting the darkness it sings and brings. They sing, " it's after midnight, I think I've seen you before, I feel a burn in my veins in unison complimenting the driven force and giving it life. Next is track 7. " Posesses this" which is another sure hit danse floor hit that would be perfect for a background track to a big event or perhaps magic trick. They sing to us a tale of childhood haunts and taunts. " You would possess this innocense." A tale of deceptions, lies and delusions. The rest of the album is full of good fun creepiness and will lead you to the element of surprise. Good plain scariness wrapped up in a pretty skeletal bow just waiting to be unwrapped and challenged. ~ 4 stars Michelle Russo

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