Music Reviews

Format: CD
Label: Atlantic
Distributor: Warner Brothers
Movie BLADE RUNNER mark its 20th year, since the original release, 1982. One of a remarkable sci-fi history making by Ridley Scott, that's based on the late Phillip K. Dick 1968 novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?", who died the same year the movie came out in theaters. The music score is done by synthesizer master himself, Vangelis, who also did the electronic music score for academy award winning film, "Chariots Of Fire." Vangelis futuristic music is an outtake of some of the characters and what's going on in the film. Some tracks on disc are heard in the film, but most wasn't release. Now you can have the opportunity to listen to all the scores including "Tales Of The Future", "Blush Response", "Wait For Me", "Love Theme", and "Blade Runner Blues". A few tracks features dialogue from the movie. Best soundtrack ever produced with electronics!

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