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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Some Tunes II
Format: CD
Label: Basserk (@)
Rated: *****
Almost three years after the first Basserk CD compilation, we are ready to dig another one. Presenting bands coming from the label's roster as well as other new acts, SOME TUNES II brings to the attention of electronic dance/electro/punk music lovers sixteen new exciting tracks. Mixing the rough bass distortions of grime, the atmospheres of dub and the rhythms of dance we have the opening "Steeve anthem" by Lazy Late Kidz, "Wuble" by Gtronic, "Purple Cactus" by Nobody Beats the Drum, "Skampa" by Fantastadon and "Don't front" by $jammie The Money. Punk electro with a bit of funk is represented by Capachoca's "Follow me" (they recalled me LCD Sound System). The remaining artists are proud members of the electro club: we can find under this genre many currents that goes from the funk electro of The Moi Non Plus remixed by 3-1, the extravagant electro mixed with break beat of Nobody Beats The Drum, the pure electro dancey mysterious "Predator re-edit" by Quick & Brite, the punky distortions of Three Cheers for Dirty feat. Blondin, the dance samples of Transformer di Roboter remixed by Zingone (if you like Daft Punk check this out), the retro electro sounds of Plemo and Rampue, the beautiful "Caramel" by MilkMoneyMaffia (already released on their download only EP I reviewed months ago), the minimal funk lo-fi electro pop of Monkey Maer, the horror punk electro of Vince the Prince's "Durty" and the closing "Lowmowerman" by Bronstibock. Groovy!

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