Music Reviews

Artist: FRIGTHDOLL (@)
Format: CD
Label: Quantum Release Records (@)
Rated: *****
After the nice debut album "Reference Version", Frigthdoll is back with eleven new tracks. ASSIMILATION ILLUSION brings to the fans of e.b.m. electronic sounds good dark dancey atmospheres with an edge plus some surprises as Frightdoll reveals on the opening "Lost" and on "Distant" her romantic side: if the opening is a piano/vocals tune with a melancholic touch and nice strings arrangement, "Distant" mixes upbeat tempos, piano, electronic distortions coupled with a bit of melancholic atmospheres. The following tune, "Leaving you" is also a nice one which sounds more powerful compared to the the previous e.b.m. tracks I listened. It is more convincing and catchy even if it deals always with the same elements. Maybe she composed it thinking about its dance potential. Also "Generate" sounds more convinced/convincing, so I don't know why she chose to include the tracks from 2 to 6 which are sounding to me less personal as the sound structure doesn't offer innovative keys as some other songs succeed in that. The album closes with "Endings" and "Sweet serenity", other two particular slow tracks. The first one is kinda melancholic while the latter one is more creepy. It seems sung by a devilish girls while a piano plays a dissonant tune and this is what I mean with "personal"!

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