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Title: Birthday of Angels and Mannequins
Format: CD
Label: Perun (@)
Second Perun release after The Blue Hour, and this is even better. One Inch of Shadow are a Polish quartet author of several DIY cd-r's and a single published by Polish label Nefryt; they've also contributed to the Cynfeirdd compilation "Songs of Landeric". No neo-folk here, though. Try and think of a fragile, intimistic song structure dissolved and dilated into an original form of psychedelic ambience. If I had to make a comparison, I'd say this sounds like the repertoire of a new wave band played by Sigur Ros, Labradford or some other Kranky artist, but this might be misleading too. There's an Italian project called Noosfera which is not that different from OIOS. Perun rightly writes: "Perfect, autumnal soundtrack to the picture of falling leaves and seething, rainy clouds". Chrysalids of songs which stretch their time in iterations and suspensions, sometimes magically building themselves around a single loop ("Things to change"), some others held in a slightly menacing wait ("Salt"). "Naked Gallows" has a dark dub cadence not that far from Pan American, while "Mannequin song" drifts away on piano and trumpet notes in a seemingly endless, half-voiced lament. An individual and extremely satisfactory release, coming in a nice layout, with separate panels featuring paintings and postcard-like layout with lyrics.

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