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Artist: Autoclav 1.1 (@)
Title: Love No Longer Lives Here
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
Another act with a so-called cult status now signed under the flag of the uprising Tympanik Audio-label, the British Electronica-specialist Tony Young and his infamous AUTOCLAV 1.1 project presents a new studio album. If the chosen album title and the generally depressive mood caused through Tony’s arrangements on this new album have any deeper with some personal experiences , maybe of a gone relationship is at least still a secret out of Tony’s private life, but I guess that Tony reflects quite often internals through his music. At least, this would fit also to the impression the beautiful album art with black/white photos in a digipak provides. Musically Tony has seldom before produced an album, which offers so much organic elements like guitars (check "All Long Black Spirals" featuring Jamie Blacker of ESA)and piano sounds besides the expected doze of IDM/Electronica music. It is surely a quite different and interesting point of view to explore a more organic sound outfit asides the known and futuristic Electronica elements – yes, this fusion may can be called innovative – but at least, those more Electronica-layered sounding tracks like the struggling "It’s Indifference" or the mechanical-moving but quite melodic "Hell Is The Face Of Love" (featuring a bass guitar performance by Dave Pybus of CRADLE OF FILTH) have my preference. "Love No Longer Lives Here" comes generally out surprising straight and 4/4-oriented, Tony’s often discovered complexity in his main rhythm structures have been reduced to take a backseat in the new AUTOCLAV 1.1 sound outfit. It is nevertheless a highly recommendable album full of refreshing ideas, but it needs an open mind and horizon from the listener.

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