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Artist: Lucidstatic (@)
Title: Gravedigger
Format: CD
Label: Tympanik Audio (@)
Distributor: Ant-Zen
Rated: *****
Nowadays Electro/Industrial scene brings only very seldom artists to the daylight, which can use the term "innovative" to describe someone’s music style. The Alaska-based sole effort of Jimmy Church, LUCIDSTATIC, is surely one of this few acts, on which this term doesn’t sound platitudinous. We had Jimmy and LUCIDSTATIC, as well as his rather Downtempo-like side-project PANDORA’S BLACK BOOK already with some previous and self-released items on here. So I’ve been warned in advance what kind of storm would join my home entertainment. Even if it is fucking cold for the most part in Alaska, LUCIDSTATIC offers a hot and heavily pounding rhythm torturing kind of music. By taking inspiration out of styles like IDM, Breakcore, Powernoise and classic Industrial tunes, the percussive elements are the leading and driving force behind this act. Complex rhythm programming can sound layered, here you’ll get the proof for this thesis. And if Jimmy integrates too a sort of a synth-driven ambience in between his percussion rows, he earns surely the most applause for tracks like "Mercy Of A Bullet", "Unknown Test Subject" or P4tr10t". Some special collaboration with different but rather more unknown acts like IAMMYNEWT, SUMBRAXIS or THE PLASTIC EULOGY are featured as well. "Gravedigger" is a pure adrenaline-driven onslaught, whose valuable content needs to get discovered. Worth to spend your bucks on!.

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