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Title: The dark side of brain
Format: CD
Label: Anaemic Waves Factory (@)
While Beyond... Prod. has released a while ago Runes Order's new cd, "The art of scare and sorrow" (which should be in a more electro vein), Anaemic Waves Factory reprints these 1995 recordings, originally issued on a limited tape format. The AWF reprint comes in the usual stylish A5 packaging with screen-printed CD-R. Runes Order's discography is huge, so a lot of readers will be familiar with this Italian project, centered on Claudio Dondo (also in Helden Rune, Invisible Empire, Atom Infant Incubator and more) with occasional collaborators (here, Daniele and Paola Magarelli). "The dark side of brain" belongs to Runes Order's darker and more experimental vein, with a kind of suite (1 track, 47') featuring abstract and environmental parts and more definite melodic moments. I'd say that (at least here) Runes Order is musically closer -rather than to industrial- to kraut/cosmic music (Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze) and, even more, to soundtrack scores - later Goblin or John Carpenter for example. I even thought the third movement of this cd was the melody from "Halloween" but no, it wasn't - but this way you know it's good stuff!

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