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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: "Table For Six: All Quiet? #3"
Format: CD
Label: EE Tapes (@)
Rated: *****
Throughout the years (already 20 and counting), EE Tapes has been presenting several compilation series, where sounding names and new values cohabit in editions that, in their own way, have gained a rightful place in the European underground history. That is the case of "Table For Six: All Quiet?", from which the third issue was recently released by the Belgian label.
The concept behind this series is quite simple: six artists/projects present their work in an autonomous way, although contributing, in the end, to a solid final result. A common point between its contributors is the sound "aesthetic" of their tracks, which can – somehow – be pointed as "ambient", filtered through different visions and methods. This means a wide range of interpretations, from post-industrial dark ambient to well-learned Eno lessons. Nothing new around here, only guarantied emotions – and that fact deserves to be underlined.
In that sense, it’s never easy to point out "highlights" in compilations like this one. Nevertheless, it’s inevitable to mention the tracks by the certified Anemone Tube (great melodic sound, as usual) and Frans de Waard (noise collages, in its most minimal and subtle version), as well as the pleasant surprise advanced by... (ad)vance(d).
It probably will not be a member of your CD collection’s top 10, but here’s another fine goal for the EE Tapes catalogue, though.

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