Music Reviews

Artist: June 11 (@)
Title: "Matter is Alive"
Format: CD
Label: EE Tapes (@)
Rated: *****
Coincidences do not exist, so it’s said. This consideration can certainly be applied to "Matter is Alive", the latest work by June 11, released on EE Tapes, both from Belgium.
When an album opens with a cover of Eno/Roedelius/Moebius’ "By this River" and, later, reveals an homage to Harold Budd ("Harold Budd (for Harold Budd) – can it be clearer?), it’s expectable to obtain a collection of soft, almost chill-out compositions, where melody, experimentation, (acoustic and analogue electronic) instrumentation and vocalisation meet (not collide) in a sound film that could easily be placed in 1980s Brussels. That’s what happens here (although June 11 comes from Gent – a minor detail).
In its different dimensions, "Matter is Alive" – produced between and 2006 and 2008 – is a homogeneous recording, full of quality and intention, guarantied by June 11’s numerous elements/collaborators.
It is a truly beautiful CD, that, in spite of its "old-fashioned" sonority (which places it away from the "state of the art" or the latest trends), brings back old and friendly ghosts. A must have item.

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