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Title: Remote
Format: CD
Label: A Different Drum (@)
Rated: *****
Keyboard player with ReActivate and writer/producer for a studio-company, Nicolay Frank founded Midnight Resistance at the beginning of 2007. Focusing his musical skills for this new project he released for A Different Dum his first solo album titled REMOTE. The album contains ten original tracks plus two remixes (Sidechain reworked "Second Skin", one of the best songs of the lot and People Theatre did a great version of "A tear in every moment", turning a classic modern synthpop upbeat song into an electro song that starts as a inspired piano ballad and ends as a sensual synthpop mid tempo) which show Nicolay's style made of dance attitude, melancholic electro ballads ("House of cards" is a great song with electronic ambient influences, dark wave guitars and good vocal melodies) and a bit of new wave approach to guitars. Alternating dance pop electronic upbeat songs and darker ones, Midnight Resistance succeeds into giving to the CD a balanced sound. Personally, I appreciated the darker ones most (see "Scar from falling down" for example), because I think that Nicolay gives his best with that kind of atmospheres as it seems to me that he arranged them in a better way using fading out sounds, increasing the power of the sounds where the song needed it, while on the upbeat ones he tend to lose the sense of melody focusing his attention on their dance potential.

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