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Title: Cod-Adn
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Clogsontronics (@)
Rated: *****
The new release by Clogsontronics is a particular one, because sees ADN' Crystall recording three new tracks and the label printing new material after the reissue of two of their '80s releases (the Ensemble Pittoresque and the Storung albums). As for the other releases Clogsontronics decided to present COD-ADN in a vinyl plus CD format. This time for a 15' total we have a 33 rmp 7" and a 3" CD containing "Just a Coda", "Mini Romance" and "Rhino". The deluxe package contains also an A1 poster that celebrates the 30 years of ADN' Crystall. The art of the huge poster has been drawn by Erick Moncollin himself and it represents a good visive counterpart to his particular synth analogue with no midi use music. If you had the chance to check his old stuff like the "Jazz' mad" album, I can say that these three tracks are less dreamy and kinda more energetic and more "pop" but a kind of dark weird one. The songs paint particular hallucinogenic situations on the normal day life: a guy who see a face of a rhino instead of his wife's or like the two lovers relationship, on "Mini romance", where he loves her only because everything is gonna change. Limited to 450 copies the E.P. is on sale now! Check some excerpt at the label's website.

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