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Artist: 100Blumen (@)
Title: Floral Annihilation
Format: CD
Label: Ant-Zen (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
Only one year after the release of the widely recognized debut "There Is No Law In Floriculture", Germany’s one-man act 100BLUMEN returns with a new album. Still heavily numbed by a "Chlorophyll Rush" (ha-ha...), this project again sets fire under the machines and offers another 17 minutes of pounding, abrasive floral Industrial. All the good things known from the debut like the courage to combine quite different musically arrangements in one song (ever tested piano drops laid over a torturing rhythm inferno? Check "Grassroot Symphony" on here...) could kept alive and the act has experienced an improvement. Also the hypnotic aura by looping repetitive rhythm patterns over and over again has found a continuation. Additional remix works by some friendly label colleagues like P.A.L. and the Hands-recording act HEIMSTATT YIPOTASH are accomplishing this decent release. "Floral Annihilation" is the consequential follow-up and proves that the field of flowers isn’t dried so far. It surely can’t reach the Ant-Zen throne currently owned by EXOCET, MONOKROM or SYNAPSCAPE, but it is nevertheless a satisfying alternative.

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