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Artist: Monokrom
Title: One Fine Day In The Pyramid
Format: CD
Label: Ant-Zen (@)
Distributor: DSBP
Rated: *****
With an evil-minded grin in face, the mummies of MONOKROM got awaken to teach some tourists trappede in a pyramid the harsh way of life. Ant-Zen’s MONOKROM, active since mostly two decades, are back to make your eardrums bleed. Let’s doubt on too many fairytales about the re-animation of some mummies after some strange grave-robbers have dared to open king Tut’s tomb, but nevertheless the mummy evolution musically provided through this new album is alive. Each exemplar of this new MONOKROM albums is a unique object, because each got packaged in a handcrafted plaster bandaged sleeve. Also the first 32 exemplars got packed in a heavy box-set and copy No. 23 comes out with a black cover. This strongly reminds on the early Ant-Zen days, when every release offered a special packaging or gimmick to keep on a huge originality and cult status to this label. Musically this new MONOKROM album is the purest noise assault someone can think of, very near to a complete anarchic climax, it will punish your home entertainment to the highest peaks. For sure the most destructive release of Ant-Zen in years, featuring walls of grinding uproar, abrasive frequencies and strange mutilated voices. This is a quite destroying demonstration that the musically onslaught is anything else than a fine day in a pyramid. The track "Wiz Ga-Wiz" is a bit more straighter oriented, or let’s say the rhythmically structure is quite better recognizable behind the walls of harsh noise. This track got also used to publish a video clip entitled "The Return Of The Mummies Of Noise", which you can find at the end of this album. A must-have item for collectors and for anyone longing back some earlier Ant-Zen days.

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