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Title: Prehab 25mg-ep
Format: CD EP
Label: bitriot Records
Distributor: Bit Riot Records
Rated: *****
Cyanotic is the name of the band that is touring and taking the world by electric storm. I just saw them live at Reggies last weekend and it rocked. High electronic energy that will feed the fire and keep it burning strong. Strobe lights, nucelar warnings and visuals to make you feel their world. Cyanotic consists of Sean Payne, Drew Rosaner and Chris Hyniewiecki, this 3 piece quartet has proven true to their word that they are worthy to tour and keep you moving with a smile on your face. You see true perfection lies in the veins of this band. They never stop creating and putting out good electronic music to listen to on your ipod, as per their symbol, so ironically fit to the mold as it gets. The cd is called, " Prehab 25-mg-ep" and it is really worth having for any electronic/indeadsrial supporter. We open with Track 1, " The Static Screen ", which is balls to the wall in your face electronic hard hitting music. Sean sings to us in his own way, " I'm staring at the static screen, I never sleep but always dream." Real testimonies of technology overload. Got up to danse already to Track 1, perfection is in the mix and requires no tv, but just to danse and lose yourself and unleash your inner beast. We move onto Track 2, "alt. machine." which was a unique break beat track that kicked some danse floor but. Hard hitting tones with heavy guitar rolling you in to listen on and feel the anguish of expression. Sean sings to us, " We live to abrasive sounds of machines and beating drums, the noise is welcoming, the silence deafening. " This track has catchy lyrics with overdubbed movie samples that tell the tell of hard indeastrial music that is meant to be playing loud and hail an ode to its premise and what it stands for a pre Wax Trax area brought back. We dive deeper and land into the come into the unknown. Track 4. " Dream it Dead ." a very intense journey through hardcore energy and the tale of reanimation and distress. Sean sings, " I create the perfect pet, love it hate it, kill it, just be sure to throw it away cause it just might come back and need you one day." Very darkly poetic and true to it's course of action, hard cold reality thrown hard and in your face but can walk away with no trace Get to the end of the cd without totally being zombified into it's lair. Not one single track disappoints,, the last Track 6, " Brutal Deluxe" stuck out to me as well. Sean sings, " Disconnect me from the world, I'll feel okay in time, I've led myself astray." Silent screams joined in with pronounced drum programming and back beats that really tear up the system and make it known and up to fight for what it stands for. Brilliant programming and hard guitar compliment Sean's harsh voice making this ep a masterpiece in the world of electrics. It's like a metallic oildrum futuristic war play and you are the soliders to their virtual playground. This band calls the shots and they all come running. ~ 4 stars Michelle Russo

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