Music Reviews

Artist: SKINK
Title: 5475 E.P.
Format: CD EP
Label: MOMT (@)
Rated: *****
After a couple of years from its self titled debut album, Skink is back with a new EP titled 5475 DAYS. On this one Paul Mulholland brings to the audience's attention seven tracks which dismiss the i.d.m. influences just to embrace a full ambient minimal approach to sound. Divided into seven parts, the main title finds its best moment on the second one as the track grows little by little: distant and delayed trumpet like sounds battle with organ sounds bouncing from one channel to the other clashing. After a couple of minutes the sound blasts proudly sounding like a calling to arms just to losing its volume, but not its tension, after four minutes. The third part is a little too minimal to be noticed while the fourth and fifth create a fluttering effect that hypnotically carries you to sixth part: another hypnotic one which is based on choir layers. The seventh track is totally different as it brings in acoustic guitars and a melancholic synth melody creating an atmosphere which recalls some Current 93 tunes.

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