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Artist: Autodafeh
Title: Hunt For Glory
Format: CD
Label: Sigsaly Transmissions (@)
Distributor: Nova MD
Rated: *****
The old-school EBM-movement brings out more and more promising newcomers, which may haven’t eaten something like innovation with spoons, but they awake the ideology of some long forgotten days. Technically spoken, EBM remains EBM and hasn’t too much changed – just in case you don’t accept the Harsh Hellectro-/Trance-/Techno-driven formula as being a comparable style. That means that some sounds, beats, samples or messages, which have been up-to-date in 1988, have survived the time. Some frustration has become imminent, since the Hellectro-rush still celebrates promising sales and receives still attention. Same also for the Swedish newcomers of AUTODAFEH, although there’s an important point, which draws a big difference to any "get-hard-be-strong" artist out of this style: the members of AUTODAFEH aren’t at all teenagers getting some first experiences to manipulate synth and drum computers. They are rather elders with some rich musically background. The existence of AUTODAFEH can be may explained that the band members Mika Rossi, Anders Olsson and Jesper Nilsson got fed up with the current styles. "Hunt For Glory" surely collects all audio results of their mutual time after forming this band, because AUTODAFEH has been built in late 2007. The musically formula behind AUTODAFEH is quite reduced with its hard pumping EBM bass lines, a solid kick and snare work and two male shouters providing mostly easy-minded lyrics with a singing-along-guarantee. That is all pretty much along the expected alley, but also the production is crystal-clear and like the state-of-art. Flaws? Not really, maybe some hints: I would suggest for the future to reduce the inserts of the second co-shouter a bit – at times this repetitive kind reminds on a parrot ("World Is Dying"), a bit lesser could be more. Of course, this album is a must-have for any fan of the old-school EBM sound following pretty much the ideas of some early NEP/242-productions. Lets wait and see, what ideas AUTODAFEH will be able to integrate to reach more an own unique sound for the future.

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